• Umans

    Urbanisme i Medi Ambient Nebot i Segarra, SL


Umans is part of the HELIOTEC GROUP, engaged in engineering in a broad and general sense, but giving prominence to two basic strands of action:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering for Planning

    Note Umans has as a key value for all its activities sustainability and respect for the physical and human environment in which we live and work


    Umans treats environmental issues in an integrated manner, taking into account the ecological, social, economic and technological, with the aim of promoting sustainable development.

    Umans is based on the design, implementation, and management of processes, products and technology services for the prevention, control and solution of environmental degradation problems; for the development of sustainable use of natural resources in production and consumption processes, having as priority the quality of life in our environment.

    Umans wants to help ensure, through conservation and preservation of natural resources, a better life quality for present and future generations. And we want to help by providing a range of enabling solutions to address the current and ongoing ecological crisis.

    The aim of Umans is recognize, interpret and diagnose negative and positive environmental impacts, assess the extent of damage caused in the environment (in the case of a negative impact) and propose integrated solutions based on existing environmental laws and find a strongest enviromental relationship, besides solving the problems by using the optimum technology.

  • Design of power generating plants by sustainable means.
  • Design of hazardous waste disposal plant.
  • Design and production of livestock farming plant .
  • Design common waste disposal plant.
  • Transfer station design.
  • Proposed environmental plans.
  • Design of water treatment plants.
  • Planning for sustainable use of the environment.
  • Preparation of environmental impact studies.
  • Environmental management.
  • Mitigation measures and pollutants control process.
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of environmental aspects.
  • Developing environmental solutions.
  • Control of environmental processes.
  • Natural Resource Monitoring

    Umans works with public agencies at central government level, regional and municipal levels, with companies in the area of ​​mining, agriculture, construction, energy, industry, agribusiness, sanitary companies, landfills and transfer stations, independent consultants and universities.


    Urbanism is the science and art of cities and territory management, as well as activities in any territorial framework.

    We understand that the main purpose of planning is planning the cities, studies on the urban phenomenon of urbanization, the action and the organization of the city and the territory.

    To Umans, the unification of different technical views, makes it possible to focus on the projects, from the beginning, with a global perspective. This allows us to develop the work taking into account the various conditions in order to find the best solution.

    Our main areas of work:

  • Developments.
  • Structures Consulting.
  • Industries, Facilities and Licensing Activity.
  • Architecture for Building
  • Farms.
  • Livestock operations.
  • Adaptation and modernization of existing facilities.
  • Works Department.
  • Project Management (Project Management).
  • Project "Turnkey".
  • Mobile structures and ephemeral.
  • Community Interest Statement. Umans has a clear customer service, offering the best solutions for the short, medium and long term.