• Airatec



AIRATEC BIOMASS is a consulting company in the area of renewable energy and specifically related to biomass. Its main activity is the provision of consulting and engineering services to companies and individuals involved in the development of four main business areas:

  • Management and use of biomass, from collection on-site, logistics, marketing, domestic and international transactions.
  • Industrial projects recovery and processing of biomass for use as a heat source.
  • Projects for using biomass as a source of cooling in industries and domestic services.
  • Industrial projects of generation or cogeneration from biomass.

    To achieve this, the company relies on a staff with extensive experience in the area of ​​biomass.

  • Feasibility studies of industrial biomass plants: calculating profitability, projected income and expenses...
  • Calculations for the baseline process: plant performance, major mass flow rates...
  • Calculations regarding the logistics of biomass.
  • Development of bid specifications of major equipment: boiler and steam turbine.
  • Development of bid specifications for auxiliary equipment: fuel supply system, water treatment plant, water-steam system...
  • Preparation of documentation for access to the electricity grid.
  • Administrative permissions management facilities.
  • Property engineering projects execution.
  • Advice on the purchase of major equipment: boiler and steam turbine.
  • Advice on hiring auxiliary equipment.
  • Advice on technical assessment of fuels.
  • Advice cogeneration efficiency improvement.