• Renewable Energy


    Heliotec offers the possibility of generating energy from renewable sources, as well as the installation of turnkey projects.
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  • Investment


    One of the main activities of Heliotec is seeking potential invesors for its clients by offering high returns with maximum safety.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has a stable presence in various countries in which it operates as usual.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has an R&D to develop new products and services in the field of renewable energy and environmental conservation.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has a clear social side, engaging actively in improving the living conditions both in their surroundings, as in other areas.
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Heliotec Group has its origin in the Renewable Energy Sector in the framework of which the parent company emerged Heliotec Renewable Energy, specializing in the management of projects based on the use of renewable energy sources.

But from the beginning Heliotec Group being expanded to other business areas whose common denominator is Sustainable Development and Innovation and a clear International vocation and Service. These elements are what define the past, present and future of our business organization.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, research and development, technical innovation, engineering, counseling and consulting. It's all part of the same target for Heliotec Group.

Heliotec Group has a team of young, multidisciplinary and dynamic, with a wide experience in the field of sustainability, and works ongoing commitment to total quality, and the most scrupulous respect for the environment.

Heliotec Group is made ​​up primarily of companies in which the parent company, but as important is the participation in our projects network partners who routinely work with us.

Heliotec formed a business group with a strong link to their social and cultural environment that allows us to progress in achieving our goals and that we must return their effort bringing all that I can do to improve the quality of life in our scope. Heliotec This is, among other actions, sponsor of the Universitat Jaume I, cooperative of Fiare Banca Etica, or affiliate of Unio Llauradors i Ramaders del País Valencià..