• heliotec


  • heliotec


    Heliotec Group has its origin in the Renewable Energy Sector, specializing in the management of projects based on the use of renewable energy sources.
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  • Renewable Energy


    Heliotec offers the possibility of generating energy from renewable sources, as well as the installation of turnkey projects.
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  • Investment


    One of the main activities of Heliotec is seeking potential invesors for its clients by offering high returns with maximum safety.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has a stable presence in various countries in which it operates as usual.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has an R&D to develop new products and services in the field of renewable energy and environmental conservation.
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Heliotec Group has from birth a great relationship with the social and cultural environment of it area, thus assuming responsibility for supporting various initiatives working for the common good of our society from different perspectives.

Committed to Education

  • We must emphasize that Heliotec Group is a sponsor of the Universitat Jaume I, demonstrating its commitment to the development of our society through education, culture and research.
  • Renewable Energy Municipal Center. Open for groups upon request, the center, with Heliotec's technical coordination, serves to discover the energy world produced by renewable sources.

  • Committed to Cultural and Performing Arts

  • Petit Festival Sponsor

    Committed to the Sport

  • ATHLETICS: Mur i Castell Club Sponsor
  • TENNIS: Tenis Uxó Club Sponsor
  • BASKETBALL: Bàsquet la Vall Club Sponsor

  • Committed to development in emerging countries

  • ONG Acció Solidaria Sense Fronteres

  • Committed to the traditions

  • Fiesta Sagrada Familia i Santíssim Crist de la Vall d'Uixó
  • Fiesta Sant Vicent Ferrer de la Vall d'Uixó
  • Fallas from la Vall d'Uixó
  • Fiesta from Azúebar

  • Committed to the Valencian countryside

  • Agricultural Cooperative Sant Vicent Ferrer
  • Agricultural Cooperative San Isidro
  • Valencian Country Farmers and Shepherds La Unió

  • Committed to fair funding

  • Fiare credit union
  • Sant Vicent Ferrer credit union
  • La Vall San Isidro credit union