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    Heliotec has a clear social side, engaging actively in improving the living conditions both in their surroundings, as in other areas.
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    Heliotec Group has its origin in the Renewable Energy Sector, specializing in the management of projects based on the use of renewable energy sources.
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  • Renewable Energy


    Heliotec offers the possibility of generating energy from renewable sources, as well as the installation of turnkey projects.
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  • Investment


    One of the main activities of Heliotec is seeking potential invesors for its clients by offering high returns with maximum safety.
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  • heliotec


    Heliotec has a stable presence in various countries in which it operates as usual.
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Heliotec Group trusts our R&D area to develop new products and services in the field of renewable energies, food, agriculture and livestock, and environmental conservation.

This is the way that Heliotec Group remains continuously in research and development of new technological solutions for production processes of their scope. Result of this strategy, Heliotec has actively participated in research projects funded and subsidized by various regional public authorities, state and European, and formalized effective collaboration with universities among which are the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Universitat de València, the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Universidad de Valladolid.

Some of the most significant projects are:

• R&D for energy-sustainable water purification systems through the use of new systems of hydro-wind generation. (IMIDTA/2011/284)

• Modular vertical axis wind system (h.e. panel ®)

• R&D Full use of fruit-tree waste AIRF (CDTI-ARESACI)

• Industrial System for citrus pruning use (aira®)

• Generation Manager for Subsistence (hinnges®)


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