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    Heliotec has a stable presence in various countries in which it operates as usual.
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    Heliotec has an R&D to develop new products and services in the field of renewable energy and environmental conservation.
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    Heliotec has a clear social side, engaging actively in improving the living conditions both in their surroundings, as in other areas.
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    Heliotec Group has its origin in the Renewable Energy Sector, specializing in the management of projects based on the use of renewable energy sources.
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  • Renewable Energy


    Heliotec offers the possibility of generating energy from renewable sources, as well as the installation of turnkey projects.
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One of the main activities of Heliotec is seeking potential invesors for its clients by offering high returns with maximum safety.

In this sense, Heliotec specializes in two main products, and offer the best conditions for investors:

Grid-connected photovoltaic plants.

This is a business model based on the price of electricity produced by the highest quality photovoltaic techonology on the market. Their viability and profitability may vary by applicable regulations of the country in which they want to invest.

Heliotec offers the product from the modality "turnkey" to the mere generation and sale of rights and licenses. Heliotec has a stable implementation in countries which currently offers the best framework for investment.

Biomass into Pellets processing plants.

Heliotec offers to anyone who can provide raw biomass such as forest trimmings, remnants of various agricultural and industrial activities, the ability to install a Biomass into Pellets processing plant for combustion, ensuring the sale of the pellets produced at determined prices, leading to the return of investment and benefits production for the investor in the shortest time possible. The product is offered in the "turnkey" modality even in the sale and marketing of pellets.